Here's what some of our favorite Contestants have said about us:

Wedding Crashers

Jolene & Brand Bogard, Pasadena, CA

"I always wanted a wedding everyone would remember. I'm sure every bride wants that, but when my husband and I hired the Enterprize Guys not only to play games at our wedding, but turn our ceremony into a real life "Family Feud" game. It was the most awesome moment of my life. Thank you guys for making our day memorable, for not only us, but for each and every one of our guests. (And I'm still shocked the guys won in a steal!)"

Great Reception

Tonya Woolard, Jacksonville, FL

"Wedding receptions can often be rather boring. Sitting around getting drunk and making small talk with people you don't know, and/or getting trashed and dancing and making a fool out of yourself. However, these guys made (my friend's) reception the best and most fun I have ever been to! We played The Newlywed Game, Family Feud, and $25k Pyramid. Travis and Ben did an excellent job of capturing the spirit of the games! Well done!"

Dreams Come True

Phil Scopes, Chicago, IL

"The game show reproductions are so true to the original shows, featuring gameboards and sound effects that make me feel like I'm a contestant on a real TV game show. Participating in the game show play at Strategicon allows me to live out fantasies I've had about being on game shows I watched as far back as when I was a kid in the 70s."

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