Game Shows On Tap

Available to a Pub Near You!

We've taken our loves of Game Shows and Pub Trivia, and combined them with a Karaoke style... ...and created the beast known as "Game Shows On Tap!"

We select the games to be played for the evening, and reveal them to our "Universe" before the event. Then, before Show Time, our "Contestants" sign up with us for which game they want to play!

Three Ways To Play

We devote the entire night to one game, making it a Tournament with BIG PRIZES to the winner

We select up to 8 games from our vast library and subject our players to a Marathon of challenges

We present it in a classic Pub Trivia style format, with different Game Show inspired rounds

If you'd like to have "Game Shows On Tap" at your bar, restaurant, gastropub, or establishment: Email us!