You've Got Questions...We've Got The Correct Answers!

What do you provide?

You tell us what game you want to play, we take it from there. We'll write the questions, set up the software, and provide the technical equipment needed to put on a game show. A note: there are games that we play that may require specialized material. If you want a themed version of one of our games that pertains to your organization, we do ask for your assistance in material collaboration.

What do you charge?

Prices are negotiated with our clients based on the size of the event.

I don't live in the LA area. Can you travel to me?

We are more than happy to travel anywhere in the country, for any length of time! Any travel expenses are negotiable.

What about copyright infringement?

We consider ourselves a "Game Show Tribute Band." Because of that, we perform all of our games under Fair Use. In some cases, we've been lucky enough to meet the hosts, creators, and production companies.

Anything we didn't cover? Email us!